GIC Car Clinic Wheel Bearings Repair & Maintenance

For many vehicle owners, wheel bearings are just another component of your car that does “something”, you’re just not sure what. As long as they are doing what they are supposed to do, we are all happy drivers. It’s when a wheel bearing fails that we take notice and begin to understand the importance of their working properly.

Wheel bearings are the component that enables your wheels to spin freely. They bear the weight of the entire vehicle and generally last over 100,000 miles or so. This doesn’t mean to say that they will never wear out or fail. When a wheel bearing fails, your car’s wheels won’t be able to spin freely and they will groan. This groaning sound may come and go or be present at different speeds. Sometimes you will hear them when you turn the wheel to the left, and sometimes you will hear them when you turn the wheel to the right. The best way to check your wheel bearings is to have your vehicle looked at by a professional technician who is trained and qualified in vehicle maintenance and repair.

Older vehicles used wheel bearings that could be serviced, but many newer cars use wheel bearings that are replaced rather than serviced when they are bad. If your vehicle has the serviceable wheel bearings, the technicians at GIC Car Clinic can provide preventive maintenance. We will remove the bearings, inspect them and if they are still serviceable, we will “pack the bearings” with new grease and reassemble the bearings onto the car. If the bearings are worn or not serviceable, we will replace them.

Why should you have your vehicle serviced if you feel that your wheel bearings may be bad? A bad wheel bearing could cause your wheel to lock up and you could lose control of your vehicle. In some cases, the vehicle’s wheel has even fell off. Have your wheel bearings inspected today at GIC Car Clinic and let one of our qualified technicians tell you if your wheel bearings need serviced or replaced.