Being a very important part of your car, the water pump is often overlooked until something goes wrong with it. The water pump on your car’s engine preforms the very important task of circulating coolant through the engine enabling it to warm up faster and cool down more efficiently when it needs to. When your car’s water pump fails, you risk the chance of your engine being damaged due to the increased heat build-up. There are many basic signs of a water pump that is beginning to fail and noticing them as they are happening is the key to saving your car’s engine and saving you a lot of money on repairs.

When your water pump begins to go bad, you will notice overheating of the engine as indicated by your dash gauge. You may also notice coolant leaking underneath your car or a rumbling sound as the water pump’s bearings fail. To be sure that your water pump really is the problem, bring your car to GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, California today and let one of our trained technicians inspect and diagnose your car for you.

When you bring your car in to the experts at GIC Car Clinic, you can rest easy knowing that our professional technicians will inspect and diagnose your vehicle’s water pump and cooling system.

As part of our standard cooling system/water pump diagnosis, we will:

  • Pressure-test the cooling system, checking for any leaks at or around the water pump.
  • Check for a possible broken impeller on the water pump which would cause the coolant to stop flowing.
  • Check the water pump for excessive play which could indicate damaged water pump bearings.

Any time you need a water pump repair done on your vehicle, the professional technicians at GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, California are here to help. We will inspect your cooling system, checking for any leaks, damage or failed parts and replace them quickly getting you and your car back on the road.

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