I think we can all agree that being able to see better out of your vehicle is one of the most important safety factors in accident avoidance. Besides getting an annual eye exam from your optometrist, we have listed below some things that can help you see better while driving.

  1. Routinely check your windshield wipers and your wiper fluid. Make sure the fluid reservoir is full and your wiper blades are cleaning the entire surface that they were intended to clean. If they are not, replace them.
  2. Check your mirrors, make sure they are clean and they are working properly. If one is broken or hazed over, you should have it replaced immediately.
  3. Ensure your headlights work and the lenses are clean and clear. If you have an out headlight, you should replace it before driving at night.
  4. Get a good seating position. This is very important when you first get into the car. Adjust the mirrors so that you can see behind you, adjust the seat and steering wheel for the best view ahead and if your dash lights or the lights from your GPS system are bothering you, make sure that you dim them before any night-time driving.
  5. Make sure your own eyes are in good working condition. If you have prescription glasses, make sure they are current. If you have trouble seeing at night, limit night-time driving. And, don’t wear your sunglasses at night, this will limit your visibility drastically.
  6. Keep your eyes in shape and know what’s going on around you by glancing from your mirrors to your gauges and back at the road frequently. This will allow you to see what’s going on and become more aware of your surroundings.
  7. Always keep your windows clean and free of snow and debris. Clean your windows inside and out.

The above tips will enable you to become a safer driver by being able to see better and be more aware of what is going on outside your car.