Some trouble codes may require additional diagnostic!

Today’s modern cars are equipped with On Board Diagnostic systems that can be very helpful in enabling a mechanic to figure out what is wrong with your car when a problem arises. Your car has a check engine light that will illuminate when there is a problem with the vehicle’s emissions system. The light may come on and go back off shortly later, come on and stay on steady or come on and flash while you are driving.

Any of these indicators tell the mechanic that there is a problem and he will then scan the vehicle’s computer for trouble codes. When the scan tool pulls up the codes, the mechanic will read them and decide the next course of action. These codes don’t tell the mechanic exactly what is wrong with your car, but they do point him in the right direction.

His next step will be to further diagnose the issue using the knowledge that he gained from the scan tool. A professional mechanic will usually be able to find out the cause of the vehicle’s issue very quickly and accurately using the above method of first scanning the vehicle for codes, and then diagnosing the vehicle based on what the code reader suggested.

Let’s say for example that the scan tool indicated a problem with the vehicle’s oxygen sensor. A good mechanic will use that information to diagnose the actual cause of the code as it may not be a faulty oxygen sensor. It could be a wiring issue or something much less critical than a bad sensor. By properly diagnosing the problem, the mechanic will save you money by only fixing what is wrong rather than just throwing parts at it until it is fixed. Avoid shops that likes to replace parts without a proper inspection as it will only end up costing you more money in the long run.

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