Checking Your Tire Pressure | GIC Car Clinic

Many of today’s cars have a tire pressure monitoring system that will keep tabs on the tire pressure for you but there are still many more cars on the road that don’t have such systems and rely on the driver to check the tire pressure periodically. Under-inflated tires are dangerous and can cost you money. A properly inflated tire will be less prone to having a blow-out and can actually save you about eight cents per gallon of gas.

Checking your tire pressure is really easy and won’t take very long to do. All you need is a tire gauge, some information and a little bit of time.

You can buy a tire gauge at any auto parts store and they don’t cost very much. Even the easy-to-read digital ones aren’t very expensive and are the most accurate by far.

Now for the information, you need to know the proper tire pressure for your car. You can find this on the driver’s side door jamb. Always use this recommendation over the pressure listed on the tire itself.

Remove the valve stem cap from the tire and install the gauge over the valve stem. You should get an instant reading within a few seconds. If the reading is too low, add some air to the tire. If the reading is too high, you will want to remove some of the air as an over-inflated tire is unsafe as well. If it is only a little higher than spec, it will be okay to leave it like that.

If you find that your tires are leaking air on a regular basis, you may want to get them checked out. The tire could have a leak caused by a puncture or because the tire is old. If you use can of aerosol tire inflator to fill up your flat tire, make sure your car does not have the Tire Pressure Monitoring System as the aerosol inflator will prevent the monitor from reading correctly and could damage the TPMS system.

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