Four Common Misconceptions About Car Repair | GIC Car Clinic

We here at GIC Car Clinic want you to feel confident and comfortable about bringing your car in for service no matter where you choose to go. So we have decided to clear up some of the basic misconceptions that a lot of people have about car repairs.

  • All repair shops are the same. This is a common mistake that many people make when choosing a repair facility. Every shop is different and some of them even specialize in only certain makes. Some shops have more specialized equipment than others and some shops have more experienced mechanics than others. Your best bet is to shop around and even check with the local Better Business Bureau to see which ones really stand out.
  • Suggested maintenance schedules are just a scam set up by the manufacturers. This, too, is false. Recommended maintenance can keep your car on the road much longer and in better shape. Today’s cars are being made to last longer and require less repairs but the maintenance has to be kept up. Think of it this way, if you didn’t maintain your body by keeping in shape and eat right, what would you look and feel like in just a couple of years?
  • You can get an accurate price quote from any shop over the phone. Honestly, the chance of that is very slim. You could call ten shops right now and explain the same symptoms to them and come up with at least ten different prices and or repairs. Your car should be properly diagnosed to get the best, most accurate quote. Many of those “over the phone” quotes will most likely be different when you pick up your car after the repair has been made.
  • Repair shops recommend extra work to help “pad” the bill.This is not true for any quality repair shop. Our mechanics here at GIC Car Clinic will not only repair your car, but they will also look out for signs of wear that could leave you stranded on the side of the road. Why not get it fixed now before the damage could get worse?

If you are still unsure about bringing your car in for repair, bring it to us and know that you will always be in good hands with GIC Car Clinic.