There are many different variations to the gasoline that we use here in America and I could explain it to you but it would involve quite a lengthy chemistry lesson which may bore you about three lines into it. I think it would be best to keep it simple and share a little bit of knowledge with you.

First off, we all know what gas is and what it does. We also know that it costs a lot of money and our cars can’t run without it. But did you know that there are three basic types of gas and if you choose the wrong one, your car may not run right at all. Check your owner’s manual or your gas filler area for the right type of gas to use.

Most of today’s modern cars run on regular unleaded gas. That’s the stuff that’s either marked “regular”, “86” or “87” octane on the pump. It is just fine for your car if your car is designed to run on that.

The next type of gas is midgrade and it will be marked as such or even by its octane rating which will be “89” or “90” and labeled on the pump.

And finally, we have premium gas. This will be marked “premium”, “super” and anywhere between “90” and “94” octane on the pump. If your car specifies that you use premium, you should. Anything less than premium gas in some cars will cause “knocking” or “pinging” and poor drive-ability.

Whatever the type of gas that you use, you want to make sure that you buy it from a reputable service station. This is because you want the best value for your dollar and you want to ensure that the gas you buy is filtered properly at the pump and has the right amount of engine -cleaning detergents. These detergents will help clean carbon deposits and help increase engine performance.