We have all heard the many car insurance commercials offering us the best advice on car insurance savings and tips. Do you want some real car insurance advice? Or, more exactly, some car engine insurance advice? If you use your car for any kind of towing or you regularly load up the trunk or cargo areas, you may be causing costly expensive damage if you don’t have an engine or transmission oil cooler installed by GIC Car Clinic. That’s right, all of those trips with your car loaded up on a hot day could be killing your engine or transmission.

Just like your cooling system’s radiator, an engine or transmission oil cooler uses many small fins to cool the fluid flowing through them. The fins themselves dissipate heat and allow the engine oil or transmission oil to run cooler and last longer. This, in turn, will also make your engine or transmission last longer as well.

Installing an oil cooler doesn’t cost a lot of money and can be installed by one our mechanics in little time. The insurance that this one piece of equipment gives your engine or transmission will more than make up for the nominal cost of installation. There are engine and transmission oil coolers for almost every make and model of car on the road.

To see if you should have one installed on your car, call GIC Car Clinic today and talk to a member of our friendly team. They will assess your individual situation and driving needs and help you decide if you need an engine or transmission oil cooler installed. That’s the best insurance tip you will ever get.