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Today’s cars are a world apart from cars manufactured only 30 years ago. Components are different, they last longer and they don’t need replaced as often. What most people generally know, or think they know, about car repairs changes as fast as the cars themselves do. Everyone now has a different version of what a tune-up is and what it should entail. Although modern cars need less frequent maintenance, they still need tune-ups, just a different kind.

It used to be that a tune-up included changing ignition components like spark plugs, plug wires, condensers, points and making a host of other adjustments. For some mechanics, it was more of an art than a theory. With pressure building from the EPA to increase fuel economy and lower emissions, these old “points” systems were replaced with computer controlled electronic ignitions and the carburetor died off in the mid 80’s. These changes not only made the cars more efficient, but also meant that they needed less frequent routine maintenance.

With the advancement of technology and state of the art computers, the way tune-ups were performed changed as well. Today’s cars utilize many different computers to control the engine and its sub-systems making traditional tune-ups a thing of the past. Long gone are the mechanically advanced ignition systems of the past, electronics and on-board computer systems have taken over.

Because today’s modern cars don’t have the older components which were prone to breaking or wearing out, certain service procedures aren’t needed until the 60,000 mile mark in most cases. Even then, a modern day tune-up may only consist of replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires and cleaning the throttle body. Many of today’s cars don’t even have a fuel filter that requires changing periodically and their transmission and cooling systems don’t require maintenance until they reach 100,000 miles.

Today’s cars have certainly changed by leaps and bounds but there is something that will always be the same. GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, California will always be here to help you take better care of your car. Stop in and see us today.

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