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MINOR SCHEDULE 15,000 MILES, 45,000 MILES & 75,000 MILES

Your new car requires regularly scheduled maintenance to help keep it running strong for many more years to come. The maintenance schedule is broken down into two separate categories: minor schedule service and major scheduled service. We are going to take a look at minor scheduled service for now.

The minor scheduled service that your car’s manufacturer recommends is usually performed at the 15K, 45K and the 75K mile mark and will include an oil change, tire rotation and a safety inspection of your entire car.

he mechanic will visually inspect the brake system, coolant hoses, belts and the engine and cabin air filters. While performing these repairs, he will listen for any abnormal sounds and check for any leaks. This service also includes scanning the car’s computer for any trouble codes and checking the manufacturer’s database for any recall information.

When you bring your car in for its 45K scheduled maintenance service, you might be in for new tires and brakes as well as the service we mentioned earlier. This is especially true if you drive an SUV or other larger, heavy vehicle.

At the 75K service interval, you might notice that a lot more work might need to be done in addition to the standard maintenance items. This might include replacing fluids, hoses, belts or even some suspension components. You may also notice some oil leaks at this time as well.

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