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MAJOR SCHEDULE 30,000 MILES, 60,000 MILES, 90000 MILES & 120,000 MILES

Your new car requires regularly scheduled maintenance to help keep it running strong for many more years to come. The maintenance schedule is broken down into two separate categories: minor schedule service and major scheduled service. We are going to take a look at the major scheduled service for now.

Major scheduled maintenance service happens at the 30K, 60K, 90K and the 120K mile interval and usually includes replacing the brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid and the spark plugs. You may even have your fuel and air filters changed at this time. These will differ based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the vehicle make and model.

At the 30K mile service interval your car might get a tune-up as well as new brake pads in addition to the above mentioned services. The tires might be replaced at this time also.

When you bring your vehicle in for its 60K maintenance service, you might have your fluids changed. These fluids will include transmission, differential, brake fluid and coolant. You will be due for new brake pads now and maybe even tires.

At the 90K mile service maintenance interval you will see the same things inspected or replaced as with the 30K and 60K intervals but with a timing belt and/or valve adjustment thrown in.

At the 120K interval you will see all of your maintenance work paying off as your car will only need minor repairs such as brake pads and possibly spark plugs.

Keeping up on your scheduled maintenance will help your car last longer and be more reliable. Have your scheduled maintenance done by the professionals at GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, California and know that you are doing right by your car.

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