Keeping your car’s battery in good condition doesn’t take a lot of effort but it can sure save you a lot of hassle later on when you are stranded with a car that won’t start due to a dead battery. Your car’s battery wasn’t designed to last forever so it should be replaced if it is bad. To avoid your battery going bad prematurely, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure your charging system is charging at the correct rate. A faulty charging system will overcharge and damage your battery.
  • Keep your battery clean. Wipe down the top and sides of the battery and clean the terminals of any corrosion which will drain the battery’s power.
  • If your battery is one that takes a routine filling of water, use only distilled water and fill it per the manufacturers’ directions. Most of today’s cars have maintenance free batteries that don’t need filled. Check your owner’s manual.
  • When replacing your battery, always replace it with one of the same rating or better than what the owner’s manual calls for.

Taking care of your battery is easy and will help keep you and your family from getting stranded somewhere.