Lighten Up Your Key Chain | GIC Car Clinic

If your key chain is full of every bauble that you found at the local art fair, you could be damaging your car and not even knowing it. Your ignition switch is a delicate assembly of tumblers that your key fits into just right. When you have your key chain weighted down with a bunch of unneeded extras, you throw of that delicate balance and start harming the ignition switch causing it to fail and you to be stranded in a parking lot somewhere. Lighten up the load on your ignition switch by removing the excessive amount of key chains and unneeded items hanging from it.

A sure way to tell if your ignition switch is damaged and showing signs of wear is when you turn your key does it stick, or do you have to wiggle it to get your car to start? Also, it may start to stick in the ignition switch and not be easily removed. If you have these symptoms, bring your car in to GIC Car Clinic to have your ignition switch inspected before you get stranded somewhere.