We asked all of our mechanics here at GIC, "what makes a good mechanic?” and we got a handful of responses, all different, but still all on the same page. We have compiled them into four main answers and have posted them here to help you find a great mechanic for yourself.

>Mechanical aptitude. This one should go without saying but it was still said by many. Some people are born with a mechanical skillset and many others learn it throughout their life. Either way, if you don’t have a desire to know how things work or haven’t taken something apart just to put it back together, you don’t have it. You definitely want a mechanic with some mechanical aptitude.

Training.Training is very important, especially when it comes to working on a car. Most cars appear to be the same on the outside, but there are many differences that a good mechanic will need to know to be able to repair it correctly. Whether the training was received at a technical school or community college, formal training is just as important as on-the-job training. And don’t think that the training stops when the mechanic gets the job, it is a lifelong journey for every great mechanic.

Experience. We can’t all just get the experience we need from school or our first repair. Mechanics gain experience over the course of their career from every single repair that they perform. With experience comes a greater understanding of the repair and diagnosis process and this will allow a great mechanic to perform even the most complicated repairs that are thrown his way.

Communication. This one is very important. If a mechanic can’t communicate with the customer or even the service writer, he may perform the wrong repair or spend hours trying to diagnose a problem that he misunderstood the customer as having. Communication skills are very important for a mechanic or repair shop to be able to build a relationship with the customer.

As enlightening as this list is, it should be no substitute for you stopping in to a repair shop and asking questions before leaving your car there. A great mechanic will be helpful and answer all of your questions to his best ability.