Buy Gasoline At Reputable Gas Stations | GIC Car Clinic

Take a look around and you will find more than enough gas stations where you can buy your gasoline, air up your tires and buy a snack or two. They’re all the same right? Wrong. Just because they all look alike and usually offer the exact same gas prices within a couple of cents, there are some gas stations that are better than other. And better for your car too.

There are some things that you can look for to find a good service station that has gas that is good for your car. GIC Car Clinic has composed a list of things to look for when choosing the place you buy your gas.

  1. Inquire whether the gasoline is filtered at the pump or not and how often those filters are changed out. Gas that is filtered at the pump is much cleaner and free of debris. Dirty gas is no good for your car’s fuel system.
  2. If you think that a gas station might be improperly mixing the gas blends or is watering down the gas, don’t shop there. It’s your money, you choose where to spend it.
  3. If you see the gas tanker truck filling up the station’s tanks, go somewhere else that day. The action caused by the tanker filling the tanks will cause sediment in the underground tanks to get stirred up and this may end up in your tank. This sediment could also clog up your fuel filter or your fuel injectors causing the need for repairs.
  4. Gas prices do fluctuate, sometimes daily, but if the price at a certain station seems to fluctuate higher or lower than the other stations in the area, you should avoid that particular station.
  5. Many gas stations offer an incentive when you use their gas card and sometimes even their gift cards. Check around, this is a good way to save a lot of money on your next fill-up.