Having Fuel Pump Problems?

Do you know how to tell if your fuel pump needs to be replaced? Have you changed your fuel filter lately if ever? Most people have no idea that your vehicle requires a fuel pump to deliver your fuel to your engine in order to get from a to b.

Until it fails then your stuck on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck service to bring you to an auto repair shop. Then you get to a mechanic shop to learn that your fuel pump went out because you neglected to change your fuel filter. That you didn’t even know about which restricted the fuel flow, which made your fuel pump work harder, which hence burnt it up.

Tips For Maintaining Your Fuel Pump Health

Try to always have at least a quarter tank of gas in your tank. Your gas is similar to your engine coolant, it helps keep your pump cool. Depending on your vehicle plus vehicle’s maintenance schedule you want to make sure to stay on top of your fuel filter maintenance. Make sure to use the correct type of fuel. These fuel pump tips will help get the most out of your fuel pumps.


A faulty fuel pump means your engine isn't receiving the amount of fuel it needs to run properly. Some signs your fuel pump isn't acting right include:

  • Vehicle is slow to start (or starts fine but sputters shortly after you begin driving).
  • Slow acceleration or engine misfire while driving at highway speeds
  • Losing power when going uphill or pulling a trailer

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, don't wait until your fuel pump fails completely. Head on over to GIC Car Clinic auto repair shop in San Jose, CA for complete fuel pump replacement service.

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