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The engine of a car is like the heart of your car. It is the one thing that connects everything together and ensures that your vehicle continues to move. It's main purpose is to transfer the fuel that moves into the engine area and then to move it back out so that your car as fuel to run on.

The engine is what will propel the fuel into the various areas of the vehicle, pushing it into the motion that keeps everything running effectively. Even further than this, everything that is connected to the engine also allows it to keep running at it's best. The first of these is the set of spark plugs that moves into the engine. When the engine pushes up, it will hit the spark plugs. When this happens, it will cause the spark plugs to ignite and will turn on the engine. When this happens, the fuel is then able to push up through the cylinder of the engine and releases into an exhaust pipe. This is the cycle that the engine will follow in order to release the energy to move.

In order to keep the motor engine completely functioning, there are other components that also allow the engine to continue to run smoothly. The first of these is the connecting rod, which is used as a support area as the piston rotates and releases the gas. The second is the crankshaft, which is used in order to keep the piston turning so that it can release the necessary gasoline at the right time. The last of these is the sump, which will collect the oil and lubricate the engine piston and other parts of the motor as they are turning, allowing for a smoother ride.

As these all move together, the engine is able to continue turning and allowing for the car to move forward with the fuel that it is given. By the continuous turns and movements of the engine is the ability to push your vehicle forward with some simple steps that allow for the wheels on your vehicle to keep turning.

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