Your car’s coolant hoses are a very important and overlooked part of your car. If one fails, you could be stranded and have possible engine damage. Checking your car’s coolant hoses takes about five minutes every other month and could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs later on.

To check your coolant hoses, make sure the engine is cold and lift the hood. Locate the coolant hoses and give them a good squeeze. They shouldn’t feel hard or brittle, nor should they feel sticky or “squishy”.

You should also check the hoses for any cuts or frays in them. If any of these conditions are present, you should have your hoses replaced immediately. You should also check the clamps at the end of the hoses. If they look broken or worn, they should be replaced. If there is coolant leaking from around the clamp, tighten or replace the clamp.

It is not safe to drive your car with bad coolant hoses, it could cause overheating and possible engine damage. If you are unsure about your car’s coolant hoses, have one of our mechanics take a look at them here at GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, California.

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