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There’s no denying it, technology is here to stay and there is nothing we can do about it, nor would most of us want to. Technology has promised us an easier work day, more efficiency and a better way of life and it has definitely delivered on its promise in a big way. We have laptops, tablets and smart phones in every home and backpack across the country but did you know that there are more computers than that all around you no matter where you are or what you are doing?

They are in the cars and trucks that we drive daily to get back and forth to work, soccer practice or that romantic dinner date we’ve been planning. In fact, our cars have more than one computer installed on-board and many of them have more than 20!

What do you do when your car’s computer is trying to tell you something? You don’t have to call an IT professional or those guys in the little black and white VW’s; instead, call GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, California and let one of our professional technicians scan your car’s computer diagnostics equipment to find out what it wrong so we can fix it right away. Remember to call on GIC Car Clinic any time you have a check engine light and have us check it out for you fast.

GIC Car Clinic uses the latest high tech diagnostic software in the industry and it enables us to perform more tests that are more comprehensive and more accurate than ever before. Our diagnostic tools and equipment will scan for any issues with the engine, airbags, ABS, emissions and evaporative control systems to ensure your car is operating properly and efficiently.

We have the latest technical data information systems available and that, combined with our ASE certified technicians is the diagnostic combination you need to ensure that your car is diagnosed properly and repaired right the first time. The next time you get into your car, stop for a minute and think about all of the technology that your car has incorporated into it. You will be amazed by everything your car can do and you will never look at it the same way again.

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