Keeping Your Engine Compartment Clean | GIC Car Clinic

You keep your car clean on a regular basis don’t you? You clean the inside and you wash the outside giving it a good coat of wax. It makes it look good doesn’t it? Have you thought about cleaning the engine though? A clean engine will run cooler and will be easier for you to work on when the time comes for a routine maintenance project. A clean engine will also allow you to identify leaks when they occur and stop them before they get much worse.

There are many ways you can clean your engine but the most common is with a simple solution of degreaser or an engine-cleaning product and a brush. Be sure to let your engine sit and cool down first.

You will want to use plastic wrap to cover any electrical components and your air intake. After you have it all wrapped up, use the cleaning solution and your brush to clean away any grime and debris. Be careful not to scrub too hard and not to break anything. Rinse off the soapy solution and dry off whatever you can with a clean towel.

If your engine is severely caked with grease and grime, you might consider having a professional detailer do the job. They will typically use a high pressure steam cleaning system that will make your engine bay look like new.

A clean engine will not only run better, but it will help raise the resale value of your car, getting you more money in your pocket. Take the advice of the pros here at GIC Car Clinic, keep your car clean and your engine too, your car will thank you.