Are you new to the San Jose area? Or maybe you just need a new repair shop for you or your family’s car? Here at GIC Car Clinic we know that you have many options when it comes to choosing the right auto repair shop and we would like to help you make a better decision. There are many things to consider when choosing a repair shop and we have made a list of things that will help you make that choice.

  1. It is always best to find a repair shop before you actually need one. That way, you aren’t left making a bad choice just because you have to.
  2. Ask your friends, neighbors or coworkers for advice. Everyone has taken their car in for repair at one time or another and their experiences can help you make a good choice.
  3. Perform an internet search and research the business. Read the online reviews if you can find any. Don't forget, not all reviews can be trusted. Use your best judgement.
  4. Look for a clean, well kept shop but don’t expect it to be spotless. A good shop will have modern, updated equipment and if it looks busy, they must be doing something right.
  5. Make sure the shop can handle your type of repair or your particular type of car. Some shops specialize in certain makes and certain repairs.
  6. Any time you are choosing a business, especially a repair shop, you should call your local Better Business Bureau and ask how that shop rates with them. They will provide you a list of complaints against a business as well as how they were handled.
  7. Verify the repair shop's license and/or the technicians' licenses at Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR).
  8. Look for signs of mechanic competence and the familiar ASE sign. The office should display ASE certifications, certificates of advanced courses, and trade school diplomas.
  9. Shops that employ more than 75 percent of technicians who are ASE-certified attain certification of the top-notch ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program. GIC Car Clinic has been a Blue Seal of Excellence member since 2008.
  10. Don’t just choose a shop because it is in a convenient location. You should choose them by how good they are not how close they are to your home or work. Many shops will offer pick-up or drop-off services, ask around.
  11. Stop in or place a call to the shop, a friendly and helpful person is the sign of a well-run shop. Professionalism goes a long way on this field. Make sure and ask questions when you call, the shop foreman or service writer will be able to answer any questions you might have.
  12. While you are there, ask about labor rates, guarantees and methods of accepted payments. These should be posted in the lobby or waiting room as well.
  13. And finally, start off small. Bring the shop that you have chosen a small job and see how they perform for you before bringing them in some major repairs.

The professionals here at GIC Car Clinic want you to find the best repair shop for you and your car. Please feel free to call us and take a look at what we have to offer you. We have many testimonials from actual customers right here on our website for you to see, or you can stop in any time and talk to a member of our team.