Let’s say that you’re driving down the road taking the kids to soccer practice and your check engine light comes on. Uh-oh, what do you do now? Are you going to be left stranded on the side of the road with your family in the car or will you make it to your destination without a complete vehicle break down? The answer to that question isn’t an easy one and it can’t be summed up into a yes or no type of response.

When your check engine light comes on, there is something wrong with one of your car’s sub-systems. It is an emissions related code which means you are doing more harm than good to the atmosphere and because of that emission system failure, you could be hurting your wallet too as your gas mileage will surely plunge. More than likely, if your check engine light comes on and is steady, you aren’t in any serious danger of having a vehicle breakdown, yet.

You should get your car checked out as soon as possible to find out what is wrong and have it repaired. If your check engine light comes on and is flashing, your vehicle is in imminent danger of a complete breakdown, as in expensive mechanical failure, and it should be checked out immediately.

Bring your car into GIC Car Clinic and have one of our experienced technicians check it out. We will scan your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics system to first determine what the problem may be. Then we will run an additional set of tests and diagnostics to find out exactly what the problem is so it can be fixed right away before any further damage is done. By taking care of a check engine light warning right away, you will save money and help protect your car from breaking down and leaving you stranded somewhere.​

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