We spend a lot of time in our cars. They become our mobile office, second home and sometimes even our lunch-break spot. Let’s face it, we become comfortable inside our cars so spending time there isn’t all that bad for us. It may be bad for our cars though if we don’t take proper car of the interior. Everything from spilled coffee and food to broken ink pens and trash find its way between and under our seats. Taking care of your car interior just makes sense if you think about it. You spend a lot of time there and would like it to be neat and clean and when you plan to sell it, the potential new buyer will definitely check out the inside to see how well cared for it is. There are some simple steps you can take to ensure the interior of your car stays clean and in good condition.

  1. This first one is easy; park your car in the shade as much as possible. Be it the shade of a tree or the shade of a building, this will keep your car cool inside and help protect it from harmful UV rays that can fade and crack the interior.
  2. Vacuum the interior regularly including the seats and carpet taking care not to bang the vacuum hose tip into delicate plastic or wood interior panels. Move the seats back and vacuum underneath them as well as between the seats.
  3. Clean the interior’s hard surfaces well with a gentle cleaner. This includes the plastic cover of the instrumental panel (dash board) as well. Do not use anything abrasive as it will leave scratches.
  4. If you have leather seating surfaces, clean and condition them regularly. This will not only make them look nice but it will also protect them.
  5. Make sure you use rubber floor mats during the wet seasons and clean them every time you wash your car to remove a lot of the dirt that might get ground in to them. Do not use Armor All or any other kind of conditioner on the rubber mats that could cause your feet to slip on them and hit the wrong pedal causing an accident. In the dryer months you should use the carpeted floor mats to help protect your car’s carpet from wear.
  6. Have your car’s carpets cleaned once a year. You could even schedule it with your home’s carpet cleaning to help remember and maybe get a deal on it. Ask your carpet cleaner about Scotchgard treatment for your carpet and seating surfaces.
  7. Place a towel under child seats. You would be surprised to see how much stuff will otherwise normally end up on the seat without one.
  8. Don’t forget to clean the interior windows after you have used a product like Armor All or something similar inside your car. There may be some overspray on the glass that you can’t see now but will late at night when you have car headlights shining in front of you.