How to Maintain Your Car AC In The Winter | GIC Car Clinic

You might be wondering why we are about to suggest that you run your air conditioning system in the winter. It might even sound like a bad idea to you. But periodically running your AC in the winter will help keep the system running in top condition and ready for use next summer.

Your air conditioning system is a very complex and expensive system in your car and you don’t want to have to pay for a avoidable repair. Inside your AC system is a small amount of lubricant that keeps the compressor running smoothly. If this is allowed to sit for a long period of time, it may not work when you need it next summer.

Running your air conditioning system in the winter will allow it to remain lubricated and will help slow down the leakage of refrigerant from the system. Every couple of weeks throughout the winter you should turn on the air conditioning system for about ten minutes. You don’t have to run it on cold, it will have the same effect if the temperature dial is set to warm. Just getting the system running for that brief time on a regular basis is enough.

Using your air conditioner to defrost your car is a very good idea as the air conditioning system actually sucks moisture out of the air causing your windows to defrost quicker. Many of today’s newer cars will turn on the AC system when you turn on the defroster.