Cabin Air Filter Replacement San Jose | GIC Car Clinic

Many of today’s modern cars have a cabin air filter installed in them. A cabin air filter is an air filter that keeps the air inside the car fresh and healthy. It keeps the air from becoming stale and also helps remove pollen, mold, dust and other small particles from the air that comes out of your car’s climate control system.

A step as simple as remembering to replace your car’s cabin air filter on a regular basis will also help to keep your HVAC system running in peak condition and for much longer. On average, you should change your cabin air filter once a year or around the 15,000 mile mark. Check your owner’s manual for your exact maintenance interval. If you live in a dusty area or on a dirt road, you should change it more frequently.

Manufacturers are even making cabin air filters that are scented and some that are designed for people with allergies. Changing a cabin air filter will not cost you much money or take much time. Bring your car to GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, California and have one of our experienced mechanics inspect your cabin air filter and replace it if necessary.

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