• Engine Braking: What Is It and Can It Hurt My Car?

    Wednesday 03 January 2018

    Engine Braking: What Is It and Can It Hurt My Car?       You may have seen signs along the roadway saying, “No Jake Brake” or “No Engine Braking” and wonder what they mean. It seems like an odd term and you are probably trying to figure it out right now, even while you are reading this. Well, if you have ever heard a big rig making an extra loud sound while slowing down, you have experienced the sound of engine braking. In technical terms, it is called... read more

  • How To Safely Tie Down a Christmas Tree

    Friday 15 December 2017

    How to Safely Tie Down a Christmas Tree      It’s that time of year again. As the weather turns colder across many parts of the country, family’s everywhere venture out in search of the perfect Christmas tree for their home. It can’t be too tall, and it has to be just round enough, with sturdy branches to hold the ornaments. In fact, it has to be just right.      If your family is planning to buy a Christmas tree and heading out to the t... read more

  • Is Idling Good For You Car?

    Wednesday 19 July 2017

    What Is Idling and Does It Help Your Car?      As long as many of us has driven a car, we have always been taught to idle our engine and let it warm up in the morning or on cold days. This is easier on the engine and will help it last longer they say. Is this really true though and, if so, does it pertain to today’s modern cars with their advanced electronic control systems? The answer is no and we will explain why idling your engine to warm up your car could actually harm... read more

  • How to Avoid Getting Your Car Broken Into or Stolen

    Thursday 27 April 2017

    How to Avoid Getting Your Car Broken Into or Stolen Car thefts are on the rise and more and more people are becoming the victim of car theft. Many say that they locked their car and thought it was parked in a safe area, but their vehicle was still stolen. It doesn’t take long for a car thief to break into your car, start it and drive off. Even with modern technology on board, there is a car stolen every minute in the US.      While many of us think of car theft as a t... read more

  • Your Timing Belt

    Wednesday 15 March 2017

    Your Car’s Timing Belt      Timing belts are one of those mysterious car parts that many drivers are either unaware of, or they just don’t understand them. Your car’s timing belt isn’t visible from the engine bay, yet it needs regular replacement. There is no dash light that tells you to replace it, you have to look in your owner’s manual and see what the manufacturer recommends and when a shop recommends that you have your timing belt replaced... read more