Our New Lifetime Protection Plan

Would you like to keep your car safe, reliable, not worry about those inconvenient breakdowns and save money?

Lifetime BG Protection Plan | GIC CAR CLINIC


GIC Car Clinic has a Limited Lifetime Protection plan for Your Vehicle.


If you own a vehicle with less than 75,000 miles or if you know someone with a vehicle with less than 75,000 miles, you need to read the following great news. GIC Car Clinic is excited to announce our Lifetime Protection Plan. If your vehicle meets the above mileage requirements and is serviced at our service center, we will guarantee all major components in your vehicle against failure for life. This means that if you have an engine or transmission failure, or a failure with your power steering, brake hydraulics, cooling system or drive train, you will be protected with up to the specified amount of parts and labor coverage, FOREVER. PLUS, your vehicle’s resale value will increase because the Protection Plan transfers to the new owner after you sell the vehicle. By reducing overall repair costs and helping you budget for automotive maintenance you get both peace-of-mind and more money for the higher priorities in life. This is just another great benefit we provide to our valued customers.


Contact our service advisors for details at (408) 279-5510
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