Taking your car to the shop for repair or maintenance should mean more than how much money you have just spent, it should also mean that you are leaving satisfied and that your car is running and driving the way it should. Unfortunately though, money is the biggest worry when having your car repaired. It can actually make us forget about other things when picking up our car and that’s a bad thing.

Fortunately, we here at GIC Car Clinic feel your pain and we want you to know that there are some other things to consider when picking up your car besides just paying the bill. If you can remember these few simple things to ask before you leave the shop, you could save money in the long run.

  • Ask what the mechanic did. You have every right to ask this question and a good mechanic will not be offended by it. Ask what was wrong, why it was bad and if it really needed to be replaced right now. This helps keep the mechanic honest and also teaches you something about your car.
  • Ask if there are any warranties. You would be surprised to find out that many of the parts you have just had replaced might have a lifetime warranty on them. This means if it goes bad at any time while you own the car, you can get a new part for free or at a reduced rate. Many maintenance parts sometimes have a rebate available that you can ask the mechanic about. Asking these questions could save you money in the future.
  • Ask if the repairs were needed at the time. Many car repairs are needed right away to keep you safe or to prevent further damage which would result in a larger repair bill but there are some repairs that can wait if necessary. Do you really need a tune-up 10,000 miles early? Many shops will be honest with you on repairs such as this but it is still a good question to consider.
  • Ask if the work is guaranteed. Most good repair shops guarantee their work should something go wrong. Ask about these guarantees and what the guidelines are.