Your car’s transmission is one of the most important and often confusing components. It is made up of hundreds of parts, has been improved on, redesigned and redeveloped since it was first invented and, without it, your car wouldn’t go anywhere. To ensure your transmission doesn’t fail leaving you stranded by the side of the road, it needs proper care and maintenance. If something does fail, the repair bill could be well into the thousands of dollars. This is why maintenance is so important and why the qualified technicians at GIC Car Clinic are standing by to inspect and maintain your transmission today.

There are many things that you can do to ensure your transmission lasts a long time. First, make sure that it always has enough fluid. The fluid that you put into your transmission provides the pressure it needs to shift, it cools and lubricates the transmission and it ensures that it operates properly. If the fluid is too low, the transmission will run hotter, it may not shift properly and it will wear out much sooner.

If you are unsure as to how to check your transmission fluid levels, bring your car into GIC Car Clinic and let one of our qualified technicians provide our full-service transmission maintenance. We will check your transmission fluid level and the condition the fluid is in. We will also check the transmission for any leaks as well as any hoses or lines that may need to be repaired or replaced.

Not only does your transmission fluid need to be filled to a certain level, it also needs to be replaced periodically. The transmission has many parts that are constantly grinding on each other, wearing off bits of metal in the process. The more bits of metal in your transmission fluid, the sooner your transmission will wear out. Transmission fluid also contains detergents that clean the inside of your transmission and protect it from premature failure. Check your owner’s manual and see what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for transmission fluid replacement intervals.

Transmission maintenance will save you money and it could keep your transmission operating longer. If your transmission isn't shifting properly, or it is leaking, let our trained technicians diagnose it and repair your transmission today.