Many people think that their car’s suspension is only made up of the shocks and struts. Although the shocks and struts are a major part of your suspension system, there are other components that need period maintenance and replacement as well. Your car’s suspension system is important as it keeps your car on the road and enables you to steer and stop properly.

Your suspension takes a lot of abuse. From potholes, rough roads, speed bumps and objects in the road, it is used every day to keep your ride smooth, stable and safe. Just like your joints in your body, your vehicle’s suspension has a lot of moving parts that act as joints or levers and as they become overused, they can wear down or break. From your ball joints, tie rod ends and pitman arm, to your idler arms and control arm bushings, your vehicle has a wide range of suspension parts that work together and if any of these parts become worn, other components or your tires could be damaged costing even more money.

How can one suspension component cause other parts to fail? If the component is bent, damaged, broken or has a loose joint, the geometry of your suspension will be wrong causing other components to work harder or move differently than they were designed to. This could cause premature failure of these components and could even cause your tires to make uneven contact with the road making them wear out as well.

When you bring your car in to GIC Car Clinic, one of our trained technicians will inspect your suspension system looking for uneven tire wear, excessive play in suspension components or any other visible damage. We will then replace any worn or damaged parts and restore your vehicle’s safe handling.

If your car isn’t handling as well as it should, or you hear new noises that don’t sound right, bring it in to GIC Car Clinic and let one of our technicians save you time and money by repairing your car properly today.

Suspension components that may need inspection and/or replacement include:

  • Complete suspension inspection
  • Chassis and suspension check
  • Ball Joints
  • Bushings
  • Control arms replacement
  • Sway Bar Links
  • Center Links
  • Idler Arms/Pitman Arms
  • Tie Rod Ends/Sleeves
  • CV Joints/Boots
  • CV Axle Half Shafts
  • Shock Absorbers
  • MacPherson Struts/Cartridges
  • Universal Joints and Springs
  • Replace air shocks

Restore your vehicle to its original operating condition by having your steering and car suspension systems inspected by GIC Car Clinic. Schedule your appointment today.

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