Your car’s generator, or alternator as it is most commonly known, is a very important part of your car’s operating system. Your alternator keeps your battery charged while you drive you so your car’s numerous electrical systems will operate correctly and without fail. Without your alternator, your battery won’t charge, your engine may not start and you will not be able to use things like the radio, GPS or lights. If you are ever in doubt about the effectiveness of your alternator, bring your car in to GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, Californai and have our professional, trained technicians diagnose your car and replace a failing alternator before it’s too late.

We can diagnose and repair any automotive electrical issue and we specialize in alternator repair and replacement and will let you know what needs replaced before we do it. By using technologically advanced equipment and methods, we can diagnose and repair your car in less time that you might think enabling you to get back on the road quickly.

When your alternator is failing, it will need to be replaced. Listen to your car when you start it up, any strange noises such as squealing or grinding could be your alternator. Also, watch your dash lights. If they flicker on and off or begin to dim, your alternator could be weak and ready to fail. A bad alternator can cause many other problems and may even leave you stranded. If you think that your alternator may be having problems, bring your car in to GIC Car Clinic today and let one of our expert technicians inspect and diagnose the problem right away. You’ll end up saving both time and money by having your alternator replaced now before it causes any other problems with your car.

Common Symptoms of a BAD Alternator:

  • Dead battery
  • Vehicle needs to be jump started
  • Engine cranks over slowly
  • Lights dim excessively during starting process
  • Battery doesn’t stay charged
  • Battery or ALT light illuminates on your dash
  • Your headlights or dash lights dim or fade while driving
  • Lights flare as engine speed increases.
  • Growling or squealing sounds coming from your engine compartment
  • Late model vehicles might start and/or run abnormal.

If you experience any of these common alternator issues, bring your car to GIC Car Clinic right away; a failing alternator can cause your vehicle not to start when you need it. Why take the chance of being stranded when you can have it repaired right by our experienced technicians.

If you live in the San Jose, California area, choose the repair shop that has been serving the community with pride for many years and has thousands of satisfied customers; choose GIC Car Clinic for all of your automotive repair and maintenance needs.

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