Replacing Your Car Air Filter | GIC Car Clinic

When it comes to your car’s maintenance, many of us know the basics and how to change our own oil and add fluids to our cars. However, a lot of us forget about one very important thing. That one thing is so important that without it, your car will not run smoothly or at its best performance level. That one important, thing is your car’s air filter. That’s right, the simplest of car parts, the lowly air filter.

If your car’s air filter is dirty, your engine will not give you it’s best and your gas mileage will decline. Your engine relies on clean air and that air must pass through an air filter. That air filter prevents particles of dirt from getting in to your engine and causing damage.

A clean air filter will lead to a clean engine and a happy driver. Below are just some of the benefits of making sure your air filter is clean and in good condition.

  1. A clean air filter will improve acceleration by at least 6-11% in most of today’s fuel-injected cars.
  2. It’s an inexpensive repair that could end up saving you hundreds of dollars in repair costs. A clean air filter will also enable your engine to last longer by keeping dirt and debris out.
  3. A clean air filter will also help to reduce emissions and keep the air we breathe clean. Reduced emissions also equal better drivability from your car.
  4. This one we can all relate to; changing your air filter on a regular basis will increase your fuel efficiency putting more money back in your pocket.

Read your owner’s manual to find out just how often you should change your air filter. As a rule, once a year or every 12,000 miles should be sufficient. Of course, if you live on a dirt road or drive in dusty areas, you should check it more frequently.

You can bring your car into GIC Car Clinic in San Jose, California any time and we can check your air filter for you, many times without incurring a labor charge. Our friendly mechanics check it any time you get your oil changed here as well.

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