As we all know, when the temperature soars, we reach for that familiar button on our dash. You know the one, it has a blue snowflake on it or the common letters, A/C. What happens when one day you push that button and nothing happens? No cold, chilly blast to keep you comfortable on your commute. When something goes wrong with your air conditioning system you’ll want to get it fixed and get it fixed right away. GIC Car Clinic is here to make your car’s A/C system work like new again.

Our certified professionals can fix the problem no matter what it is. Over time,various fitting and seals can wear down and become loose causing refrigerant leaks. This is not only bad for you, but bad for the environment. If left unattended, these leaks can cause damage to other A/C system components creating a much larger repair bill. Getting an A/C system inspection at GIC can save you hundreds of dollars.

GIC Car Clinic handles a variety of auto air conditioning issues, such as:

  • Low or no cooling.
  • Inadequate air flow through the vents.
  • Unusual noises coming from the blower or vent system.
  • Inoperable electronic controls.
  • Vents that do not blow.
  • Strange odors coming from the vents.
  • Odd noises when the heat or A/C is turned on.
  • Overheating or stalling when A/C system is on.
  • Engine cooling fan constantly cycling on and off.

Common air conditioning repair tasks performed by GIC Car Clinic include:

  • Replacement of various A/C system components including compressors, condensers and evaporators.
  • Checking for any refrigerant leaks.
  • Replacing broken cooling fans and fan belts.
  • Complete electrical testing including fuses, switches and modules.
  • Expansion valve servicing.
  • Flushing and vacuuming out the A/C system.
  • Refilling A/C system with proper refrigerant to manufacturer's specs.

Your car’s air conditioning system isn’t there just for driver and passenger comfort. It can also be considered a safety feature. Think about it for a minute, if you are uncomfortable due to the extreme heat and you are sweating, you are going to be distracted from the road. This distraction, as minor as it may be, can cause you to swerve out of your lane or worse, get into an accident. The extremely high temperatures inside a non-air conditioned car can also harm infants and small children who have a harder time regulating their own body temperature.

The experienced technicians at GIC Car Clinic are knowledgeable in the safe handling of air conditioning refrigerant. Our technicians can work on any automotive air conditioning system, on any vehicle. We use the newest equipment and the best parts available to repair your car’s air conditioning system and have it running like new.

GIC Car Clinic has been helping the people of San Jose, California beat the heat since 1986. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning service isn’t working as well as it should, don’t wait until you’re covered in sweat to take care of the problem. Call GIC Car Clinic today and have one of our professional technicians diagnose and repair your car’s air conditioning system.

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